kriss th

By revolutionizing the SMG industry, KRISS-TDI needed a presence on the Internet that conveyed their professionalism and addressed consumer and B2B applications while presenting important information in an easy to use format.

Provide: Design, CMS, eCommerce, Marketing, Print Ads, Hosting

Woodland Hill Montessori School

WHMS needed someone to step up and take over maintenance of the website and applications. Solasus happily jumped in and secured their website from hackers as well as helped create a strategy to best use their existing applications and plan for future growth.

Provide: CMS Maintenance, Hosting, Webmaster Services, Content Migration

Tom Matt

One of oldest clients, NYC artist Tom Matt needed an online presence to showcase his unique artwork - cityscapes painted on the "paper-of-the-day" (New York Times, etc.). Solasus created on online gallery for his artwork and integrate PayPal for payment processing needs.

Provide: Consultation, HTML, CSS, eCommerce, Hosting

Garden Winds

Looking for a Replacement Gazebo Canopy, then you need Garden Winds. Solasus is proud to have helped facilitate Garden Winds' explosive growth over the last few years. From humble beginnings to THE leader in the in their industry, Solasus has been there providing mission critical applications for their web operations.

Provide: Design, eCommerce, Custom Applications, Hosting, Social Media Integration

Check Call Care

Solasus created a very unique application for CheckCallCare so that their customers can send automated and personalized phone calls to loved ones and alert the "key-holder" if their is a problem.

Provide: Architecture, Design, CMS, Custom Applications, Hosting

HESC (interim website)

Carefully built on top of its existing chassis, this "interim" redesign took HESC from another typical State agency website to a fresh and friendly new brand. Solasus worked along side HESC IT pros to makes sure all the pieces lined up.

Provide: Architecture, Concept, Design, Branding, HTML, CSS


The smarty pants at Knowledge Extensions offer this nifty DIY e-Learning system creation software that they needed to tell the world wide about. We created a site that both educated as well as offered a 30 day trial the product.

Provide: Architecture, Concept, Design, Branding, HTML, CSS

Positive Impact


Positive Impact is a not-for-profit organization in NYC that helps develop tomorrow’s leaders using basketball as the vehicle to engage participants. We took to the court with a simple yet fun interface that took the organization from the bench to championships.

Provide: Architecture, Concept, Design, Branding, CMS, Hosting

Silver Knights Chess

Online subscription chess videos, tournament & camp registration, and elementary school extra-curricular classes. These guys are busy. Add to that, a shout out on the Howard Stern Show - you should have seen the spike in traffic after that. Great stuff here... Hey now!

Provide: Design, CMS, eCommerce, Custom Applications, Hosting, Webmaster Services

The Magnet Man

How about some fun at your next party? needed a new website to help promote his brand and market new products. Solasus created a CMS that would allow him to edit the site's content as needed in order to hone and target specific keyword phrases.

Provide: Design, CMS, Hosting, Social Media Integration, Content Migration


Needing cost effective solutions docStar reached out to Solasus to create a custom solution to their web presence. The mission, create a site that speaks to new customers, provides resources for established clients & partners, and effectively makes use of social media.

Provide: Consultation, Design, CMS, Hosting, Social Media Integration


Created to coincide with Financial Aid week, this interface needed to appeal to students as well as their parents. A hip interface was designed over a solid back end that welcomed the kids to the fun and exciting world of student loans.

Provide: Architecture, Iconography, Design, Branding, HTML, CSS (seasonal website)

Looks Great Promotions

The fellers at Looks Great needed a simple yet tasty site that would be an on-line extension of their homespun, unpretentious vibe. Visitors can request quotes, upload artwork or e-mail them fan mail with a click of the mouse.

Provide: Concept, Design, Branding, HTML, Custom Applications

SUNY Cobbleskill eNewsletter

Designed in the likeness of the School's website, this e-newsletter template needed to work within an e-mail system the school was already using. Solasus' skillful team spearheaded the project with class and aptitude.

Provide: Design, HTML Template Creation